Get to Know Claudia



Claudia has been instructing for 8 years. She has mentored a few instructors along the way who has since grown and started their own classes locally and at Universities. Her passion is helping and wing people in a positive way. Claudia is married for 28 years and has 3 children. Her main passion is dancing and is experienced in street dancing, Ballet and Hip Hop. She loves Latin music. Her favourite dance is TANGO and BUCHATA. Claudia caters for all fitness levels, from low intensity to high intensity. She loves to balance out her sessions making sure that even though you working out, you are having fun. Claudia has a Diploma  in Physical Activity and Person Fitness Training and a certificate in Yoga teaching.  WORK IT, ENJOY IT is Claudia motto

Want to learn more about the classes, get in touch, she is always happy to hear from her customers.